Vermont Quilt Fest 2015

It was that time of year again! 

Yup, you guessed it! The Vermont quilt festival. This is where us fabric crazed quilt lovers gather and let me tell you it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

 This year marks the 39th Vermont quilt festival. Almost 500 quilts where in this years show! 

This was my second year attending. I really enjoy these works of art and getting a glimpse inside these creative minds. Super inspiring and just so cool to look at even if you’ve never picked up a needle and thread. 

I remember as a little girl going to craft fairs and quilt shows a lot (and I do mean a lot..Lol) with my family. I’m really glad to still be doing it and even shared the expirance with my boyfriend. Just your modern day mrs + mr bobbins 😀 he was a good sport. 

Sponsors include Janome, Bernina, Vermont PBS, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Cabot! 

Here are some of the quilts that caught my eye! 



Tula Pink!


18 that is all thread detail you are looking at FYI!


Hello kitty quilt yay! 🙂


Love dementional quilting!


Yesssss there was an Alice in wonderland quilt 🙂
That’s all folks!

Xxx ashley


Bleeding Hearts, a mixed media collage by ashleymarydunlop


This piece is a little bit different from what I’ve been doing.. I took my mixed media in the direction of collaging.  My mixed media style has been incorporating a lot of vintage pieces and evolving them into my art. I came across some really lovely vintage post cards and included them on my collage. 


Bleeding Hearts by ashleymarydunlop 

As you can see I’ve incorporated a lot of techniques lol…I’m not sure if I may have used too many but, it’s interesting I suppose. Basically, one thing lead to another. 

I’ll try to sum up what’s going on here.. 

I came up with this idea of collaging with postcards as a mixed media project

I had the vintage post cards and spruced up the carnations that were originally black and white with a little bit of color and I added some pink cheeks to the little girl. 

I took some sketch paper and stained it with a tea bag. The paper being initially white was stained with the tea bag to give a aged look. 

I had some really pretty music paper that I knew l wanted to layer onto the stained paper…but first I glued on my postcards onto the music paper. 

I cut three heart shapes out of regular white computer paper and used them as stamp.

I covered the heart cutouts with modeling paste and pressed the hearts onto the paper. It took a a few times of covering the hearts with molding paste to get the desired look. 

I let the modeling paste dry and then filled a small spray bottle with water and some paint, mixed it up and sprayed the watered down paint on the hearts over and over to get the runny look. 

Once this dried I layered the music sheet paper onto the tea stained paper. I outlined the music sheet paper with charcoal and outlined the carnation postcard with charcoal. 

I painted some lace trim I had with black paint and used it as a stamp under the carnation postcard. 

Once the paint dried on the lace I sewed the lace onto the corner of my collage. 

Lastly, I added the dried bleeding hearts to the vintage post card. 


A Vermont Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is always a very busy time of year! I can’t believe Christmas is practically here! Can you tell I’ve watched the Grinch?! One of my favorites! Can’t go wrong with a little Dr. Seuss 🙂

Before I jump into holiday stuff I need to explain how wild the weather has been in the good old state of Vermont! Indeed, we get snow and are use to it but last week was crazy! With all the snow we got we lost power for almost four days! I resorted to resourceful ways and buried my groceries in the snow! I guess this was the positive side with how cold it was and all the snow on the ground. Mother Nature saved my groceries! Lol

I’ve been busy in my shop! I’ve added a few items!

I also participated in a swap on Instagram called #swapsgiving around Thanksgiving time! We all swapped embroidered hoops with our partners! It was very fun and will deff do it again! I’m in another swap but haven’t started too much on it just yet. Once I get going on it I’ll share more but I’m waiting for Christmas to pass before I start working on it! 🙂

I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then Christmas! We certainly moved right through 2014! I was busy yesterday getting all the last Christmas finishing touches completed. I finished my homemade gifts and got all the Christmas cookies made! A lot of work goes into these holidays and I love doing all the holidays things like shopping, decorating and everything else that goes along with it but, I can’t wait to finally be able to enjoy it all and relax with my family. Another year is coming to an end and it still boggles my mind with how quickly it goes by.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I’ll see you in 2015!!










A Happy Day!

Well, September has been off to a pretty busy start!

On September 7th my best friend from collage got married! It was a beautiful wedding and everyone had such a nice time. The wedding was held at The Quechee Club in Quechee, Vermont. A great location for a Vermont wedding.

Up until the wedding I had been working on a card-box for the gift table.

Finally finished Cassie’s Card-Box after a couple of late nights!

According to The Knot, (A great resource for Brides to use while planning a wedding! Very helpful!)

” Wedding card holders provide a beautiful and secure container for your guests to leave you their gifts. Generally placed near your wedding guest book or on the gift table, these money holders will serve as a visual reminder to help your guests remember to give you the generous gifts they have prepared in advance. After the party is over, your card box will be filled with gifts for you and yours to take home. Add your wedding colors with a band of  favor ribbonor maybe a few flower petals. ”

Card-boxes have been appearing in more and more weddings and are becoming very popular. I can definitely see why! Card-boxes are a more modern version of a card holder. Card-boxes allow more creative freedom since they can be customized to what the bride likes and coordinate to the wedding. They are also a great way to make a gift table look more unique! It is a fun, affordable and a creative craft that a Bride would love!

My Card-Box on the gift table & with the Bride!

My recommandation for card-boxes is to coordinate it to the wedding and have fun with it! Ribbons, glitter, paper, fabric, bows, flowers! Enjoy! 🙂

Cynthea doing Cassie’s makeup


Congratulations Cassie & Chris!

(Once I get pictures I would love to share them with you!)

Please feel free to leave comments about you’re weddings!


August 24th was Quechee Vermont’s 41st annual Scottish Festival and Celtic Fair. Being that I am Scottish I thought it might be worth checking out. It was a gorgeous day great weather! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves. There were many booths set up some with pastries & tea, family ancestry information, Scottish gifts, Scotland By The Yard also had a booth (a local Vermont shop),  paintings of the beautiful landscapes and castles and even a booth that was making kilts!

There was sheep herding done with boarder collies. That was really amazing to see, they can run so fast! The Irish step dancing was lovely and also the highland dance competition. There was also the Welly toss and the Lady’s rolling pin toss but I didn’t get to see it! 😦 but maybe I can catch it next year!

Also, the highland athletics took place at the festival such as, tossing the caber, the sheaf toss and putting the stone carry.

 Of course there were Scottish meat pies! Which was something I knew I had to have my boyfriend try. I had been telling him all about them on the way there! Luckily, we got ours before the line got too long. Probably about 20 minutes later the line was crazy!

This was the line for the meat pie! I couldn’t fit the line of people in the picture!

The music had to have been my favorite part of the festival. The opening ceremony was the bagpipe players. There were so many of them! I took a video of it but unfortunately I can’t seem to post it on here! But it was so great to be able to see something like this. Really special. If you ever find yourself in Vermont I would recommended this! Check out the website for more information!

Some of the Bagpipe players.

I had really been inspired by my Scottish heritage especially seeing all of the beautiful plaid. I made plaid scarves for my etsy shop. Plaid works so well for the fall and winter seasons. Me personally I will never get tired of plaid. There are so many different types and color schemes.

Plaid Fabric
Plaid Scarves on my etsy shop: Heart2HomeCreations