Vermont Quilt Fest 2015

It was that time of year again! 

Yup, you guessed it! The Vermont quilt festival. This is where us fabric crazed quilt lovers gather and let me tell you it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

 This year marks the 39th Vermont quilt festival. Almost 500 quilts where in this years show! 

This was my second year attending. I really enjoy these works of art and getting a glimpse inside these creative minds. Super inspiring and just so cool to look at even if you’ve never picked up a needle and thread. 

I remember as a little girl going to craft fairs and quilt shows a lot (and I do mean a lot..Lol) with my family. I’m really glad to still be doing it and even shared the expirance with my boyfriend. Just your modern day mrs + mr bobbins 😀 he was a good sport. 

Sponsors include Janome, Bernina, Vermont PBS, Lake Champlain Chocolates and Cabot! 

Here are some of the quilts that caught my eye! 



Tula Pink!


18 that is all thread detail you are looking at FYI!


Hello kitty quilt yay! 🙂


Love dementional quilting!


Yesssss there was an Alice in wonderland quilt 🙂
That’s all folks!

Xxx ashley


Bleeding Hearts, a mixed media collage by ashleymarydunlop


This piece is a little bit different from what I’ve been doing.. I took my mixed media in the direction of collaging.  My mixed media style has been incorporating a lot of vintage pieces and evolving them into my art. I came across some really lovely vintage post cards and included them on my collage. 


Bleeding Hearts by ashleymarydunlop 

As you can see I’ve incorporated a lot of techniques lol…I’m not sure if I may have used too many but, it’s interesting I suppose. Basically, one thing lead to another. 

I’ll try to sum up what’s going on here.. 

I came up with this idea of collaging with postcards as a mixed media project

I had the vintage post cards and spruced up the carnations that were originally black and white with a little bit of color and I added some pink cheeks to the little girl. 

I took some sketch paper and stained it with a tea bag. The paper being initially white was stained with the tea bag to give a aged look. 

I had some really pretty music paper that I knew l wanted to layer onto the stained paper…but first I glued on my postcards onto the music paper. 

I cut three heart shapes out of regular white computer paper and used them as stamp.

I covered the heart cutouts with modeling paste and pressed the hearts onto the paper. It took a a few times of covering the hearts with molding paste to get the desired look. 

I let the modeling paste dry and then filled a small spray bottle with water and some paint, mixed it up and sprayed the watered down paint on the hearts over and over to get the runny look. 

Once this dried I layered the music sheet paper onto the tea stained paper. I outlined the music sheet paper with charcoal and outlined the carnation postcard with charcoal. 

I painted some lace trim I had with black paint and used it as a stamp under the carnation postcard. 

Once the paint dried on the lace I sewed the lace onto the corner of my collage. 

Lastly, I added the dried bleeding hearts to the vintage post card. 


Exciting hellos and happenings! 

      Spring has sprung! It’s finally here! So from this point on the weather can only get warmer right?! I’m just going to keep telling myself this….even when it’s still chilly with the wind blowing like it’s been. The weather is suppose to reach 60 degrees by the end of the week so I guess I’ll take it. 🙂

     Well a lot has been going on since my last post! But first I have a few things I would like to share with you! You know it’s these little things that kind of make me really excited… 

I got a follow from Bev from Flamingo Toes on Pinterest! Bev has some of the cutest crafts ever! She is really quite good and everything she makes is something you think “Oh I want to make that!” or “Oh I want that!” Check out Bevs beautiful things on her website to see what she’s up to!

     So if you guys haven’t already caught on to Farmhouse Rules on foodnetwork…. well you need to 🙂 I love watching Nancy cook. It’s a great cooking show with lots of yummy recipes. I love Nancy’s sayings like “fresh is best” and she’s right. I will even find myself saying her sayings as I’m cooking like “chop chop in the pot” I love listening to her talk and tell stories. She always has her family on her show. It’s really sweet. You can tell she puts a lot of love into everything she does. My mom grew up in upstate New York and I’m familiar with Hudson Valley so Nancy really hits close home for me. Nancy Fuller from Farmhouse Rules is always a pleasure to watch. I’m so glad she liked a picture on Instagram and even commented xxx


Find more here!

    So in the middle of all the busyness an unexpected guest… the stomach bug decided to pay the Silva and Bernstein households a visit. For whatever reason I was the only person who managed to not get sick…. I was pretty lucky for whatever reason why…. I did try to spend some time trying to hide and destract myself from it by reading the lovely April 2015 issue of Country Living Magazine. Country Living Magazine may have been my lucky charm!

     Book stores are very nice places. I often end up spending more time in them then I should. I become very distracted, jumping from one thing to another. As I typically do.. I check out the hobby and crafts sections and….

 when, what to my wondering eyes should appear 

Craft It Now in a real bookstore. BAM bookstore. 

 It felt like Christmas.

I also just wanted to quickly update you on my etsy shop I’ve been taking some time away… I’m absorbing new creative inspirations and nurturing my creative process. I’m not sure where this takes me but, I’ve come up with this piece. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to cultivate more new and fun pieces

xxx Ashley 

by: ashleymarydunlop 

A New Adventure

Well I’m not sure where to begin, I had to look back on where I left off. I’ve been extremely busy, so much is going on. I’m just trying to stay optimistic that i am going to get threw it all!

Let me show you some of my projects I’ve been working on and completed!

I finished another patchwork quilt that I had been working on. I had mentioned in my previous post that I was making a quilt for a scholarship fundraiser. The turnout was really great. My quilt went to the highest bidder and I couldn’t be happier with the home it went to. This person holds a special place in my heart. I was honored to be able to do this.


 I’ve whipped up a picture and memo board made with some chicken coop wire! I thought this was so cute because as you know by now I love vintage/antique looking things 🙂 and this does just that! And how cute are the mini cloths pins, just the trick for pictures. I didn’t have a whole ton of time to dig up old pictures for my board… I found an old homecoming picture from high school, I think this was 9th grade lol and the other is of my sister and I when we were itty bitty 🙂 my dad made the swing for us


 I’ve came up with a textile design that I’ve called “the enchanted garden” I put this on a cardigan and I’ve had many people message me about how much they really liked the design. I’ve had a few custom order requests from people asking me if I would put the design on their cloths. I just thought that was so neat.



I’m also working on making some prairie curtains and pillow cases. Once I have those completed I will be sure to share a picture.

I’ve also have some shops selling my cabochon earrings!

So it’s been a really busy past couple of weeks for me and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down. And I’m really pumped. It’s taken so much and I’ve had people literally tell me well you can’t do it all. Well let me tell you I certainly can, I am doing it and been doing it. I have been coming to find and learn that life goes more smoothly when you don’t have things weighing you down. Of course some things in life we have no say in but you just shouldn’t do it to yourself if there is a choice. Don’t weigh yourself down.

I also have some other exciting things that are still up in the air but if it all works out they maybe some really great opportunities, so keep your fingers crossed for me







Magic Wand Anyone ???

If only we could pull white rabbits out of top hats and vanish before thin air… Now wouldn’t that be something! I could think of some things to put magic tricks to good use.


For my first trick…. I will complete decorative bottles!

This is how the first set came out. I am still working on a few more sets…


For my second trick I will make this farmers market tote bag disappear!

Well on second thought I had a wonderful customer assist me with that! My original design I made of a farmers market tote bag was purchased. I love this bag!


And for the grand finale! Well.. your just going to have to wait on that 🙂


Etsy Shop

Measure Twice Cut Once

I feel like this quote applies to more things in life than just sewing. Something I will think about..

Well I’ve worked on a couple of projects this past week. One was a cozy blanket cloak that was a custom order and I finished a little embroidery project I had been playing around  with.
Accomplishing projects is always a great feeling. Working on/designing orders and being an RN, it’s nice to finish a project for yourself since I am left with little to no time to do so.

I am often asked “how do you have time to do this?”… I often wonder that myself, really. It isn’t easy but, that is life. You make it happen. I am very dedicated and use my time as wisely as I can. I will say nursing has had some influence on shaping my time management skills. I’ve always been a creative person. It’s in my nature and really grew up with it. I think it’s really important to have something you enjoy doing that you can pick up and put down whenever you want to. Good way to have your own personal mini vacation I like to think of it 🙂

Also, another thing I’d like to mention is that my cozy blanket cloak was on Fresh Squeezed Fabrics blog which I thought was pretty cool! 🙂
This cozy blanket cloak came in pretty handy because this past week we have had some very cold negative temperatures. (-20) Brrr!! I guess that’s the crazy New England weather for ya! Although, with the bit of rain we had it melted away some of the snow and for a moment there seeing all the grass again it gave me hopes for spring. But I’ll keep dreaming.. One of the lovely things about having my etsy shop is I can make a little spring cheer with my fabric.
Heart2HomeCreations is having it’s own bit of early spring cleaning currently. I am still taking custom orders via message but the shop needs a little renovating. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I need to get things prepared because something big for me is happening this spring. I will share more with you about once I get more information!
Tomorrow I am going to a “Food Fight” no not the kind where you throw food… That sounds fun too though lol but a cook off show down. My cousin Nick has a big part in this event he is a chef at Lincoln Tavern and Restraunt in Boston. Ticket proceeds are helping with the fight against childhood hunger! Lucky & I are really looking forward to this event. I will update later on how to goes! 🙂

Here you can catch up on what Lincoln is all about!

Care for a spot of tea?

Well it’s been one rainy day to say the least! But that’s okay I was able to get my tea towel done so I guess that’s one thing accomplished! My tea towel measures 14 X 20 with a beautiful 60s vintage feel to it. The tea towel has a grey polkadot decorative edge. The back of the tea towel is also grey polkadots. The fabric I used for the front of my tea towel (Cream and Sugar by Ampersand Design Studio) I purchased from a great fabric supply shop called SpiceBerryCottage. They offer a great fabric selection and you are sure to find something that catches your eye!

Here is the Etsy shop link!