Mud season.

It seems as though mud season is upon us here in the good ol’ state of Vermont!

The sun is shining..snows melting..and the roads are just one mud pit after another!

If you happen to be a Vermonter you understand this. 🍁

If you haven’t lost a bumper or don’t see any motor parts from your bottoming out vehicles in the review mirror… your doing pretty good I would say! πŸ™‚πŸ‘Œ

Or maybe you drive a monster truck? πŸ€”

With all this sunshine it’s got me thinking spring! 🌷

Thusly spring cleaning mode has kicked in! I even managed to clean out my fabric stash.

Which brings me to discuss a very simple and easy sewing project I completed.

Fabric fold-up trays from the Cath Kidston sewing book!

It’s a fun little project to make for all those things you find you forgot you had! Or makes organizing a bit more exciting.

Here is my fabric fold-up tray πŸ™‚

I enjoyed making this sewing project! I liked mixing the prints to create a different look! This sewing project was easy to make and the size is adjustable as well.

I made my fabric fold-up tray for my teas! It makes a great display in the kitchen and keeps my teas nicely organized! β˜•οΈ


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