Goodbye summer, Hello fall! 


Autumn is here! Happy sweater weather everyone! 

I suppose this is a good time to share a fun fall pumpkin craft I’ve made for you! I call it.. 

The Witch’s Magic Pumpkin! 

So gather round my wicked witches (and magical wizards can do this one too!) There are magic pumpkins to be made!

Here’s the supply list! 

(I found all my supplies at JoAnn’s and don’t forget your coupons, there are endless ways to save!)

  • A funkin pumpkin.. It will last + a craft you can keep!  
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Sequins 
  • Black lace fabric 
  • Sewing pins with black heads 
  • Mod podge 
  • Siccors 
  • Green craft felt  
  • Black pipe cleaner 
  • Newspaper/plastic bag to keep your surface clean


I painted my funkin pumpkin with black paint. While I was waiting for the paint to dry I cut out some of the flower patterns from the lace. 

Once I figured out where I wanted to put my lace cutouts I used mod podge to glue them in place. 

After the mod podge dried I pinned the silver sequins in place using the pins with black heads. 

What’s a craft without a little glitter right? That’s my theory anyways lol 

I used a paint brush to apply the mod podge randomly around the rest of my magic pumpkin and sprinkled on some pixie dust… I mean glitter 🙂 

Make sure you have some newspaper/plastic bag to do your craft on because this one can get a little messy. But then again that’s what crafting is all about, it is half the fun! 🙂 

For the finishing touches I added some leaves I cut from craft felt and curled a pipe cleaner around my finger for a curly stem/vine. 

Use whatever colors and materials you want really, this is a pretty simple and a fun craft and there are a lot of ways to decorate it differently. Have fun and enjoy my gouls and goblins! 



The Witch’s Magic Pumpkin 

Craft by: ashleymarydunlop


Bachelorette party favor craft!

Crafting with alcohol and mardi gras beads ??? Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it seems! Here is a fun, affordable and crafty party favor for a bachelorette party!

Supplies List:
– mardi gras beads ( I found mine at partycity $3.99 for a pack of 12 necklaces )

– nips! Get which ever type of alcohol you prefer I bought 8 Smirnoff nips

– ribbon

– hot glue gun

– scissors

I ended up making six two layered nip necklaces. Five of the nip necklaces have one nip on them. One nip necklace has three.


Step 1: I took two of the beaded necklaces and hot glued four pairs of beads together. I did this for a layered look and this also makes handling the necklaces a little easier.

Step 2: tightly wrap ribbon around the neck of the nip bottle and hot glue into place.

Step 3: leave enough extra ribbon to wrap over necklaces. I didn’t use an exact measurement I just eye balled it.

Step 4: loop ribbon around the necklaces and hot glue into place. ( I posted two different pictures of the loop)

Step 5:  make bows and add them to the front of the bottles, hot glue onto ribbon

Note: for the brides nip necklace I went a little over board with sparkly ribbons and put three nip bottles onto the necklace so it would stand out!

Be safe, have fun & enjoy you’re girls night out!

Care for a spot of tea?

Well it’s been one rainy day to say the least! But that’s okay I was able to get my tea towel done so I guess that’s one thing accomplished! My tea towel measures 14 X 20 with a beautiful 60s vintage feel to it. The tea towel has a grey polkadot decorative edge. The back of the tea towel is also grey polkadots. The fabric I used for the front of my tea towel (Cream and Sugar by Ampersand Design Studio) I purchased from a great fabric supply shop called SpiceBerryCottage. They offer a great fabric selection and you are sure to find something that catches your eye!

Here is the Etsy shop link!