A Vermont Winter Wonderland

The holiday season is always a very busy time of year! I can’t believe Christmas is practically here! Can you tell I’ve watched the Grinch?! One of my favorites! Can’t go wrong with a little Dr. Seuss 🙂

Before I jump into holiday stuff I need to explain how wild the weather has been in the good old state of Vermont! Indeed, we get snow and are use to it but last week was crazy! With all the snow we got we lost power for almost four days! I resorted to resourceful ways and buried my groceries in the snow! I guess this was the positive side with how cold it was and all the snow on the ground. Mother Nature saved my groceries! Lol

I’ve been busy in my shop! I’ve added a few items!

I also participated in a swap on Instagram called #swapsgiving around Thanksgiving time! We all swapped embroidered hoops with our partners! It was very fun and will deff do it again! I’m in another swap but haven’t started too much on it just yet. Once I get going on it I’ll share more but I’m waiting for Christmas to pass before I start working on it! 🙂

I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then Christmas! We certainly moved right through 2014! I was busy yesterday getting all the last Christmas finishing touches completed. I finished my homemade gifts and got all the Christmas cookies made! A lot of work goes into these holidays and I love doing all the holidays things like shopping, decorating and everything else that goes along with it but, I can’t wait to finally be able to enjoy it all and relax with my family. Another year is coming to an end and it still boggles my mind with how quickly it goes by.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! I’ll see you in 2015!!












November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

Help the American Lung Association by making a donation to http://lungforce.org


There are also some great celebrities joining the cause! Pick a team to donate to!

I am an honorary donator to “Team Jewel”

Lung Force is also a great website that provides many resources and others ways you can help spread awareness!

Take part in “Turquoise Takeover” by changing social media icons! This is a free and effective way to bring awareness.


Every little bit helps to bring awareness to Lung cancer!

Invite friends to “Like” and follow The American Lung Association’s Facebook page!


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Pom Poms for PETA

Who doesn’t love a pom pom? Better yet… Who doesn’t love a cruelty free pom pom!

Being given the opportunity to share and create a DIY tutorial on how to make a cruelty free pom pom garland for PETA was beyond my wildest dreams! I am so greatful to PETA and to those who made this possible.

To be able to spread the word on cruelty free products is a cause that I proudly stand behind. To find out more information about PETA and cruelty free living please go to their website! http://www.peta.org

You can find more cruelty free items in my Etsy shop Heart2HomeCreations.


PETA on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/officialpeta/


When the going gets tough the tough get going!

Now..where to begin, where to begin. Hmmm..

Holy smokes it has been one hectic past couple of weeks. I have some updating to do but it’s been So Busy! Between painting jobs, custom orders, work, household living and running flu clinic it has been Crazy! I needed my Saturday yesterday to just relax and I was lucky that everything was done in order for me to do so. I do realize I’m lucky to be as busy as I am and good thing for me multitasking is something I’m good at but, in the same respect you can’t over do it either. Everyone needs to stop and smell the roses at one point or another. Balance is key.

Not to mention on top of these past busy weeks I had a bit of an accident where I cut in between my toes pretty good. I refused to go to the hospital and instead went to the doctors office. Typical nurse right lol I was also hobbling around for a good four days..just my kind of luck! I must remember look before you step….Thankfully, I didn’t need stitches, just skin adhesive and a tetanus shot.

I do have some things I meant to post here but just didn’t get a chance to update so I will being filling you in on those soon!





Book Themed Sprinkle Preparations

So I made a few different assortments of crafts for the sprinkle as you can see!

Here you see a Cat In The Hat bunting that went along with the book theme. I hung this on the front of the table. I made a custom Where The Wild Things Are bunting with Elijah’s name on it so my cousin could take it home and hang it in Elijah’s room. I may have to consider making one of these for Liz because she loves this book too.

I will also be posting a custom order bunting listing on my Etsy shop in case others want to order a bunting as well!

20140828-103423-38063075.jpgSo what’s a party without some cute little caterpillars?! I made some crafty caterpillars out of little pompom balls and pipe cleaners. You can easily find these supplies at JoAnn’s and Walmart. I made these guys to go along with the Very Hungry Caterpillar book and paired them with some fruit salad. What’s even funnier about these caterpillars is how much Noah and Anna loved these guys! So if your ever in doubt on fun party decorations.. Think caterpillars! Lol they requested to take the caterpillar family home with them.

20140828-103424-38064954.jpg   20140828-103426-38066334.jpg     20140828-112356-41036252.jpg  The flowers Sara and I decided on were sunflowers and baby’s breath in mason jars with little star inserts 🙂 20140828-103536-38136728.jpg   20140828-103533-38133785.jpg  The party favors also went along with the book theme. Each guest had a school name tag with a small composition note book, pencil and a bookmark I made. We played a game where we had to guess the name of the book based on a few sentences from a children’s story. 20140828-103535-38135231.jpg   20140828-103638-38198279.jpg      Can’t forget the bookworms! 20140828-103644-38204576.jpg     20140828-104505-38705185.jpg    So I wanted to do something a little bit different for Elijah… With that said it got me thinking of bedtime routines and made me think of mine… For a while there I was on a kick and really enjoyed Jiminy Cricket’s When You Wish Upon a Star lol and would ask my dad to sing it to me and that’s kinda how I came up with the idea of making a wish on a star for Elijah. Now when Elijah is older he can look back and read all the lovely wishes everyone made for him. Particularly, the wish for cake! Haha

Cheesy I know but I love it 🙂

20140828-104743-38863269.jpg    20140828-104741-38861584.jpg

Sunny with a chance of sprinkles

I know.. I’ve been a bit naughty with my updating.. but! I do have some things to fill you in on! 

I’ll back track to July in just a moment….

And if I might add where did that month go by the way?? Can anyone tell me? I cant believe I’m writing and its already August. I’m honestly starting to believe I can feel a hint of fall air making its way back in. I’ve been seeing fall decorations stock up the shelves in stores! Fall frangrances and pumpkin everything popping up here and there. Yes, fall is indeed coming and i’m looking forward to all the wonderful things this season has in store, so long sweet summer we will see you next year. 

July is probably one of the busiest months it entails many birthdays, activities & festivities. 

One festivity I would like to share with you today is the baby sprinkle we had for baby Elijah. And like all babies he is nothing short of a miracle. We wanted to celebrate the miracle he truly is and his journey that got him here. 

I know my cousin Sara loves to share and read books to her children. Bedtime stories frequently occur in the Moon household. As I am sure occurs in many others. Anddd I have also noted that children’s books make frequent appearances at baby showers.

Hmm, so I get to thinking… bedtime stories… books.. last name moon.. oh I like stars too!.. baby sprinkle theme idea.. oh thank you Pinterest in some assistance… Eureka! A Book themed baby sprinkle. I would say that works out fairly well. 

Luckily for me I wasn’t under the pressure of throwing a baby shower. Baby sprinkles are less elaborate then showers. Although, I still wanted to have a nice sprinkle for my cousin but I also had a budget I needed to stay under. I found that this baby shower theme was really cost efficient but still offered a lot to do for the sprinkle as well. I found this theme worked on any budget and creativlty level. I thought it was fun and not too difficult to accomplish this. 

I will share some pictures and on my next post get into further detail on crafts, decorations, food, and how-to’s + more! 







Outdoor adventures

Well I’m hoping to update with a good post again soon but I just wanted to make a quick entry.

I’m really busy and should really get back to the work I have to do but I need a quick break! And might rummage threw the fridge for something to eat.

I went for a walk this morning a little while after I woke up. It was so nice! I need to do this more often. I listened to my iPod and even felt some ambition to want to go for runs again….. Lol I might think about that some more.
But I took some pictures of some flowers I came across. I just love wild flowers I duno what it is about them I like so much. Going out and finding them has become something I enjoy doing. I duno if that’s strange or not but 🙂

There is this huge open field on my road and it really is beautiful. I sat there for a little while and took it all in. The sun started shinning so bright it felt so nice. And then out pops out this little critter coming over for a visit! I am embarrassed to say I’m not 100% sure what it was but I took a picture. I thought it was a porcupine because of the white areas on it but maybe it was a beaver lol

Anywho I hope your enjoying the day!








Facebook Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’m doing a little giveaway over on my Heart2HomeCreations Facebook page! If anyone is interested!

Here are the details! Very easy!!

The giveaway includes a copy of craft it now! It’s filled with tons of great crafts! There will be something for every crafter to enjoy. You’ll also get a mini ad tech hot glue gun and sticks, jute string to get you started on your own decorative bottle! You’ll also get a coupon to my etsy shop Heart2HomeCreations. All you have to do is share this post, invite some friends and send me a short inbox message about a favorite crafting memory or what you enjoy most about your favorite craft/hobby. I’ll pick a winner based on responses. Good luck! A winner will be picked on Tuesday July 15th








The Vermont Quilt Festival

Saturday June 28th I attended the Vermont Quilt Festival in Essex Vermont. If you love quilts, fabric, sewings or textile arts this is the place for you. The expo center was huge! It was my first time attending and once I saw all the cars in the parking lot I knew I was in for a really great experience. It was so nice to be surrounded by people who appreciate and love this as much as I do. I had so much fun. I met many exceptionally talented people and loved hearing their stories and knowledge. Just so brilliant. I even mustarded up the courage to show them pictures of the quilts I’ve made and got great positive feedback. It meant a lot to me.


For me I stared out looking at all the vendor booth. Checking out all the shops that sold fabrics, patterns and basically everything else you could imagine. There was also JANSOME, BERNA, BABY LOCK (sewing machines and more) demonstration booths. I can’t tell you how tempting that was. Could be a dangerous situation for a craft junkie 🙂 it was so super cool.




Once I checked out all the vendors on the outside I then went and admired all the beautiful quilts. Just breathtaking. It’s not something one can explain it’s just something you need to see for yourself.

This quilt was the winning quilt! This isn’t the best picture of it because but the detail and the actual fabric that was used was amazing. There were many people around taking pictures!




This quilt was so cool it didn’t even look like it was made from fabric so amazing! And I got to meet the artist!






This quilt called Serenity is a 3D quilt. Can you believe it?! Truly remarkable. I can’t even image all the time this took. And if you saw it up close all the small details it has. So awesome!!



I loved this quilt. The colors and design, just beautiful. I also loved the story behind this quilt. A mother made this quilt for her daughter because she was going to collage . Her daughter always wanted a lone star quilt.












So I had been looking and looking for a quilt made with Liberty of London fabrics and boy did I find it! I was so excited when I stumbled upon this quilt! Just lovely. And the name couldn’t have fit it any better!

Not to mention there was also a section of antique quilts. This area did not permit photographs. But my goodness where they stunning. Those antique fabrics are just magnificent. And I have to tell you an absolute weakness of mine. I ended up purchasing an antique quilt and fabric myself…. And I was behaving myself so well too.. All in all a great day and it was beautiful too!

A New Adventure

Well I’m not sure where to begin, I had to look back on where I left off. I’ve been extremely busy, so much is going on. I’m just trying to stay optimistic that i am going to get threw it all!

Let me show you some of my projects I’ve been working on and completed!

I finished another patchwork quilt that I had been working on. I had mentioned in my previous post that I was making a quilt for a scholarship fundraiser. The turnout was really great. My quilt went to the highest bidder and I couldn’t be happier with the home it went to. This person holds a special place in my heart. I was honored to be able to do this.


 I’ve whipped up a picture and memo board made with some chicken coop wire! I thought this was so cute because as you know by now I love vintage/antique looking things 🙂 and this does just that! And how cute are the mini cloths pins, just the trick for pictures. I didn’t have a whole ton of time to dig up old pictures for my board… I found an old homecoming picture from high school, I think this was 9th grade lol and the other is of my sister and I when we were itty bitty 🙂 my dad made the swing for us


 I’ve came up with a textile design that I’ve called “the enchanted garden” I put this on a cardigan and I’ve had many people message me about how much they really liked the design. I’ve had a few custom order requests from people asking me if I would put the design on their cloths. I just thought that was so neat.



I’m also working on making some prairie curtains and pillow cases. Once I have those completed I will be sure to share a picture.

I’ve also have some shops selling my cabochon earrings!

So it’s been a really busy past couple of weeks for me and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down. And I’m really pumped. It’s taken so much and I’ve had people literally tell me well you can’t do it all. Well let me tell you I certainly can, I am doing it and been doing it. I have been coming to find and learn that life goes more smoothly when you don’t have things weighing you down. Of course some things in life we have no say in but you just shouldn’t do it to yourself if there is a choice. Don’t weigh yourself down.

I also have some other exciting things that are still up in the air but if it all works out they maybe some really great opportunities, so keep your fingers crossed for me