Amy Butler barcelona skirt 

I finished an Amy Butler sewing pattern! I’m pretty excited about it. I picked Amy Butler’s Barcelona skirt. I made the A line skirt and there are other patterns included with your purchase of the Barcelona skirt. 

There are so many great patterns to pick from. I thought a skirt would be a good place to start since this was my first pattern I was making from the Amy Butler patterns. I can’t wait to make more! 

Amy’s patterns are very user friendly when it comes to reading and following instructions. Amy’s patterns also build on sewing skills and techniques. Amy’s patterns bring both fun and an educational development to your sewing skills. I really felt I was making something special. I looked forward to completling each step and couldn’t wait to finish my skirt! 

I really enjoyed making this skirt and felt really inspired by her beautiful fabrics! I wish I could own them all 🙂 Amy Butler is an incredible designer. You can always find a fabric that is so fun and vibrant with awesome color combinations. I made my barcelona skirt with gypsy wind flower (blue) from the gypsy caravan collection! 

You can find out more about Amy Butler here
Here are some pictures of how it came out! Xx





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