Mixed Media: Vintage Spool Flowers by ashleymarydunlop 

I’m sitting outside on my plaid blanket next to the biggest lilac bush you could imagine. As the wind blows and fills the air with lilac fragrance I take another breath in so the scent doesn’t leave my nose. The sun shines brightly upon me as I type on my iPad squinting my eyes to see. Bliss.   


This update is about a mixed media project I worked on recently. This is my second attempt experimenting with mixed media art. I call this piece I’ve created “Vintage Spool Flowers” 

I came up with this idea because I just love the look of old wooden spools of thread. Maybe it’s because I enjoy sewing, or I just recall seeing wooden spools scattered in my mom’s sewing basket. I remember often enough I loved looking through her sewing supplies, pulling everything out just to put it back in..  

One unique thing I find about vintage spools is when the spools still have original stickers on them. The vintage fonts and designs on the stickers I always thought to be interesting. Some even have old thread still wrapped around the spools. The color of the thread only faded slightly, giving the thread a dusty faded look… I love it. Kinda makes you wish they still made spools this way. 

Since vintage spools are so pretty I knew I wanted to make them into something with a bit more of a decorative purpose. Not your average pretty old spools in a mason jar, which I do love. 

As I was stacking the spools on top of one another the largest spool made me think flowerpot for whatever reason…

I painted the largest spool with red and orange paint mixed together. Then stacked the spools on one another, glued them into place and wrapped lace around each spool. 

When it came to making the leaves I used gauze wrap. I cut the gauze wrap into the shapes of leaves and painted the gauze with different shades of green paint. After the paint dried I covered the leaves in modge podge and let them dry. I put the leaves on a plastic bag to dry that way it was easier to peel them off. Then I touched up the leaves with a bit more paint. Once the mode podge dried the gauze became pliable. I pushed the wire through the spools and put the gauze on the wire. 

I made two flowers from the seam of an old sweater and wrapped the material into flower shapes. I painted the fabric with watered down black and white paint. For the finishing touch I added a butterfly. 

  Mixed Media: Vintage Spool Flowers by ashleymarydunlop xxx
Here are pictures of some gardening and landscaping that’s been done! See you soon 🙂

Dandelion roots impersonating carrots 

  Whispering sweet forget me nots

  A forest of purple


  A busy bumble bee 

Clearing up the pathway



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