A Lot About Nothing And Something Entirely


When Alice asks the cheshire cat “which road do I take?” “Where do you want to go?” Was his response “I don’t know” Alice responded “then, said the Cheshire Cat, it doesn’t matter.”

Wonderland is filled with nonsense and it all appears to be nonsense to Alice but actually, what appears to be nonsense actually makes sense. Very cleaver!

It’s funny how you can have a good since of direction on where you are going but along the way things change and maybe you where never meant to get there after all.

I find it interesting on what occurs along the way of arriving to the point of realizing your not actually arriving to the destination planned. I suppose when you reach the point of figuring out hmmm… This isn’t the right way and maybe I feel a little lost? But realizing your lost when you think your taking the right path. Kinda funny to think about.

Those moments, those feelings are pretty termulturious but, non the less you figure it out and things fall into place. You never know who you’ll meet along the way but, when you run into a friendly face sometimes.. you just might be okay.

I think we all can relate to Alice. It’s just one of those classic tales that kinda captures your heart.

I haven’t been overly busy in my shop at the moment I’m kinda taking my time on getting around to it. Eventually, I’ll get back into the swing of things.

I’ve kinda been working on some other projects that aren’t necessarily shop related.

One of my favorite projects that I recently took part in was a min quilt swap! Finding out who your partner is and figuring out interests and what they would like in a quilt and then also knowing that there is someone doing the same thing to you because your going to get a quilt well, very much enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to give Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap a try! All skill levels are welcome! You can find out more information about the mini quilt swaps here and also read up on her blog!
#makeaquiltmakeafriend #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap #mofabecky

I also just want to thank my partner for sending me such a lovely quilt and my Anna Maria Horner fabric! ….Joy! And also my team leader! I also loved making a quilt for my swap partner! It was also funny because we were all Ashleys! :):)


I’m hoping on one particular project and if I get picked to take part in it will be pretty neat and something new for me to give a try!



Here are some pictures of my mini quilt. I didn’t have the particular designer’s fabric that my partner had mentioned she was interested in but, I did take some inspiration as to what my swap printer liked and also from what designs she liked. So off I went rummaging through my fabric stash and pulled together what I thought would resemble her wishes and likes. And of course being me I had to add my own personal touch to my mini quilt that I was sending off. And I am guilty of totally taking advantage of this opportunity to free motion embroider and really have fun with this print. I did just that. 🙂

Write to you soon xxx









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