When the going gets tough the tough get going!

Now..where to begin, where to begin. Hmmm..

Holy smokes it has been one hectic past couple of weeks. I have some updating to do but it’s been So Busy! Between painting jobs, custom orders, work, household living and running flu clinic it has been Crazy! I needed my Saturday yesterday to just relax and I was lucky that everything was done in order for me to do so. I do realize I’m lucky to be as busy as I am and good thing for me multitasking is something I’m good at but, in the same respect you can’t over do it either. Everyone needs to stop and smell the roses at one point or another. Balance is key.

Not to mention on top of these past busy weeks I had a bit of an accident where I cut in between my toes pretty good. I refused to go to the hospital and instead went to the doctors office. Typical nurse right lol I was also hobbling around for a good four days..just my kind of luck! I must remember look before you step….Thankfully, I didn’t need stitches, just skin adhesive and a tetanus shot.

I do have some things I meant to post here but just didn’t get a chance to update so I will being filling you in on those soon!






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