Sunny with a chance of sprinkles

I know.. I’ve been a bit naughty with my updating.. but! I do have some things to fill you in on! 

I’ll back track to July in just a moment….

And if I might add where did that month go by the way?? Can anyone tell me? I cant believe I’m writing and its already August. I’m honestly starting to believe I can feel a hint of fall air making its way back in. I’ve been seeing fall decorations stock up the shelves in stores! Fall frangrances and pumpkin everything popping up here and there. Yes, fall is indeed coming and i’m looking forward to all the wonderful things this season has in store, so long sweet summer we will see you next year. 

July is probably one of the busiest months it entails many birthdays, activities & festivities. 

One festivity I would like to share with you today is the baby sprinkle we had for baby Elijah. And like all babies he is nothing short of a miracle. We wanted to celebrate the miracle he truly is and his journey that got him here. 

I know my cousin Sara loves to share and read books to her children. Bedtime stories frequently occur in the Moon household. As I am sure occurs in many others. Anddd I have also noted that children’s books make frequent appearances at baby showers.

Hmm, so I get to thinking… bedtime stories… books.. last name moon.. oh I like stars too!.. baby sprinkle theme idea.. oh thank you Pinterest in some assistance… Eureka! A Book themed baby sprinkle. I would say that works out fairly well. 

Luckily for me I wasn’t under the pressure of throwing a baby shower. Baby sprinkles are less elaborate then showers. Although, I still wanted to have a nice sprinkle for my cousin but I also had a budget I needed to stay under. I found that this baby shower theme was really cost efficient but still offered a lot to do for the sprinkle as well. I found this theme worked on any budget and creativlty level. I thought it was fun and not too difficult to accomplish this. 

I will share some pictures and on my next post get into further detail on crafts, decorations, food, and how-to’s + more! 








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