Magic Wand Anyone ???

If only we could pull white rabbits out of top hats and vanish before thin air… Now wouldn’t that be something! I could think of some things to put magic tricks to good use.


For my first trick…. I will complete decorative bottles!

This is how the first set came out. I am still working on a few more sets…


For my second trick I will make this farmers market tote bag disappear!

Well on second thought I had a wonderful customer assist me with that! My original design I made of a farmers market tote bag was purchased. I love this bag!


And for the grand finale! Well.. your just going to have to wait on that 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Magic Wand Anyone ???

  1. What fun! The bottles are really pretty and I love the idea with the farmer’s market bag. Read a few of your back posts – and I completely agree, finding the time is really a problem! Says the woman with the new lunch bag cut out and ready to sew for 6 months now!!


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