Fun Fall Favorites & Halloween Crafts

I apologize for the delay but, I really wanted to update you with a decent blog post!

So October is here! And I am very happy it is! September was so busy (defiantly worth every minute!) I attended a wedding, two baby showers, store orders and worked! Feww! 🙂

October is such an amazing month people really get into the Halloween spirit and everyone is out participating in fall activities! Apple picking is a total must for me once the fall comes! Although, Lucky and I still need to get a pumpkin to decorate… Hopefully we will get around to doing that very soon!

As for the shop I’ve been making trick or treat bags, costumes and even some Halloween pillow cases! These pom-pom garlands are available to customize as well.

Last night I got around to making what I call Snow White’s “poison” candy apples! All you do is go to the grocery store and pick up 2 boxes of Concord Foods candy apple kits. One box for red apples and one box for black apples. You are basically following the directions on the back of the box except for adding the food coloring…. Make the red apples first if you plan on using one pot! To make the black apples follow the directions as stated on the box… once you’ve reached the temperature needed REMOVE pot from burner and add 1/4 tablespoon of black food coloring! Otherwise, you are going to have a huge mess! And please be Very Careful!! Candy apples get Extremely HOT! and you don’t want to burn yourself!

List of ingredients:

– 2 boxes of Concord Foods Candy Apple Kits (read back of box to determine the number of apples you need/want)

– Apples

– You’ll need popsicle sticks… but are included in kit!

– Black food coloring

– Sugar

– Candy thermometer is handy but not necessary

– I used shortening on a cookie sheet because these things are sticky!!

Snow White’s “Poison” Candy Apples!

I have one more fun craft for you to try this Halloween! Creepy, Crawly Spiders!

One other material that is not listed on here is fishing line or string to hang up your spider!

All of the materials can be found at JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores! Except..the fork was found in my kitchen 🙂

Materials Used


Step 1: Begin wrapping black yarn around fork …

Step 2: Cut a separate piece of yarn. Tie it around the middle of the yarn (that has been wrapped around the fork). Tie tightly so yarn gathers in middle. Carefully remove the yarn from the fork. Take your scissors and cut the loops on both sides that have just been made. You now have a little pompom! :):)

Step 3: You will 2 pipe cleaners. Cut both pipe cleaners in half. Now you have 4 mini pipe cleaners.

Step 4: Bend pipe cleaner in middle and fold both ends. Shape is similar to a mustache.

Step 5: Hot glue pipe cleaners on top of each other and glue pom pom on top

Step 6: Add googly eyes and fishing line, string or yarn

Step 7: Enjoy your spider and try to scar someone! :):):)

Creepy, Crawly Spiders! 

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