A Happy Day!

Well, September has been off to a pretty busy start!

On September 7th my best friend from collage got married! It was a beautiful wedding and everyone had such a nice time. The wedding was held at The Quechee Club in Quechee, Vermont. A great location for a Vermont wedding.

Up until the wedding I had been working on a card-box for the gift table.

Finally finished Cassie’s Card-Box after a couple of late nights!

According to The Knot, (A great resource for Brides to use while planning a wedding! Very helpful!)

” Wedding card holders provide a beautiful and secure container for your guests to leave you their gifts. Generally placed near your wedding guest book or on the gift table, these money holders will serve as a visual reminder to help your guests remember to give you the generous gifts they have prepared in advance. After the party is over, your card box will be filled with gifts for you and yours to take home. Add your wedding colors with a band of  favor ribbonor maybe a few flower petals. ” 


Card-boxes have been appearing in more and more weddings and are becoming very popular. I can definitely see why! Card-boxes are a more modern version of a card holder. Card-boxes allow more creative freedom since they can be customized to what the bride likes and coordinate to the wedding. They are also a great way to make a gift table look more unique! It is a fun, affordable and a creative craft that a Bride would love!

My Card-Box on the gift table & with the Bride!

My recommandation for card-boxes is to coordinate it to the wedding and have fun with it! Ribbons, glitter, paper, fabric, bows, flowers! Enjoy! 🙂

Cynthea doing Cassie’s makeup


Congratulations Cassie & Chris!

(Once I get pictures I would love to share them with you!)

Please feel free to leave comments about you’re weddings!


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