August 24th was Quechee Vermont’s 41st annual Scottish Festival and Celtic Fair. Being that I am Scottish I thought it might be worth checking out. It was a gorgeous day great weather! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves. There were many booths set up some with pastries & tea, family ancestry information, Scottish gifts, Scotland By The Yard also had a booth (a local Vermont shop),  paintings of the beautiful landscapes and castles and even a booth that was making kilts!

There was sheep herding done with boarder collies. That was really amazing to see, they can run so fast! The Irish step dancing was lovely and also the highland dance competition. There was also the Welly toss and the Lady’s rolling pin toss but I didn’t get to see it! 😦 but maybe I can catch it next year!

Also, the highland athletics took place at the festival such as, tossing the caber, the sheaf toss and putting the stone carry.

 Of course there were Scottish meat pies! Which was something I knew I had to have my boyfriend try. I had been telling him all about them on the way there! Luckily, we got ours before the line got too long. Probably about 20 minutes later the line was crazy!

This was the line for the meat pie! I couldn’t fit the line of people in the picture!

The music had to have been my favorite part of the festival. The opening ceremony was the bagpipe players. There were so many of them! I took a video of it but unfortunately I can’t seem to post it on here! But it was so great to be able to see something like this. Really special. If you ever find yourself in Vermont I would recommended this! Check out the website for more information!

Some of the Bagpipe players.

I had really been inspired by my Scottish heritage especially seeing all of the beautiful plaid. I made plaid scarves for my etsy shop. Plaid works so well for the fall and winter seasons. Me personally I will never get tired of plaid. There are so many different types and color schemes.

Plaid Fabric
Plaid Scarves on my etsy shop: Heart2HomeCreations 

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