Expect The Unexpected!

Today turned into quite the unexpected adventure!


By the time lunch rolled around Lucky and I were trying to think of something to do. My dad had given me a bunch of his fishing poles and equipment for Lucky and I to use so we thought we would go to the lake and do a little fishing.


Once we got to the lake we went out on the row boat. It was a great day to be out by the lake! Unfortunately.. by the time Luck and I were ready to come back in it started to get Sooo windy! It took forever to get back! Haha but we made it back! Since I am here blogging to you about it. My arms are burning!


Hmm.. What else can I tell you about?

I’ve really been into making smoothies! Particularly variations of blueberry smoothies! I bought a few bags of frozen fruits to just have in the freezer so I can throw something together quickly! Healthy and refreshing!


This was a blueberry, peach and vanilla yogurt smoothie!



Experimenting with fruit flavors!

The Heart2HomeCreations Facebook page is so close to 200 likes! I also finished a couple of custom ordered pillow cases and some baby bibs. I am hoping to add some new items to the etsy shop fairly soon as well! Have a good weekend everyone!







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