Something old, something new, something… Crafty ?!?!

Part two of the bridal shower: 

As Cassie was opening her gifts I was given the responsibility of making the ribbon bouquet..turned into hat haha. Here are some pictures of how it came out.


Here is a picture of the bridal party! Such a fun day!



More gift wrapping tips! 

Gift wrapping… A sore subject for some but, don’t worry you are not the only one! I myself am trying to work on my gift wrapping skills.

When in doubt.. gift bags are marvelous things. Easy, convenient for travel and can actually be cheaper then wrapping paper. I am constantly finding every time I buy wrapping paper it’s expensive and I never have enough for what I am wrapping.

Where did I go for my wrapping supplies you might ask? Yup, you guessed it the dollar store or in my case the dollar general! I spent $10 on gift wrapping supplies. I left with a two pack roll of tape, 3 gift bags (large and small sizes) tissue paper, one roll of gift wrap, ribbons and a card. Whenever I buy gift wrap from the dollar store/dollar general I always feel like I got the most bang for my buck. And there is usually a pretty good selection to choose from!



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